Friday, August 28, 2009

My Dog is SO Patient

Look how pretty he is!
I want to blog mostly about my experiences and experiments with my daily painting - but I had to take some time to thank my dog Kipper. Not only did he sit still (even though he wasn't too happy) while my daughter dressed him in a sequin dress, but he also smiled at the camera when I took a picture. I have to say - he really is the most patient dog I've ever met.
He wasn't even embarrassed when we called him pretty. He wore this outfit for two hours - even when we went outside and my neighbors laughed at him. He actually is a perfect dog to dress up - he really couldn't care less that he has clothes on. Too bad he's a boy :(


  1. Thats to funny,great blog am now following!

  2. Aww, he looks right at home in that little dress :)

  3. awww he is a cutie! :) i love dogs!! it's fantastic you've got a pet who is so patient with your little girl dressing him up lol