Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Blog!

Unfortunately, my old blog, Rhiannon's Daydreams is having some technical issues that after four hours of fiddling, I still couldn't fix.
I have always wanted to keep a journal of my art, both the process and what I have learned. The fact that my other blog appears to be broken in every way is the push that I needed to get this blog, My Daily Painting Journal, started.
So, let's now waste any time. Here is the painting I am working on right now. As you can see, it's not quite finished.
In the background I used crackle paint. I like the effects that it gives. It makes for a nice texture. The flower has a few problems that need correcting though. The paint stained some of the yellow petals underneath and it is difficult to cover. I just keep applying layers of paint and the brownish paint underneath is getting lighter and lighter.
I like the way that the flower seems to pop out and how bright the colors are. I really don't like the center of the flower, that needs some work. The edges of some of the petals are very dark, but when I add the shadow to the flower, it will make more sense.
What I learned about painting from this piece. Well although it isn't done I have learned several things that I will do differently from now on. Next time I am going to be painting a background like this I will use frisket film to mask the entire area so I don't get those hard to cover patches of paint. I also think that I will choose a better photo to work with. Some of the areas in this photo are obscure and that makes it difficult to paint. I also think that when I am done with the background, I will use the 'other side' of the frisket film to cover the background so that my edges are very crisp and clean.

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  1. Wow! That's great! I wish I could paint, but you'd never know it was supposed to be a flower!