Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Teeny Studio.

The pictures below were taken of quite possibly the smallest studio in existence. For a very long time, I painted at the kitchen table or in a small room in my dungeon like basement. My stuff was always everywhere and because I have three kids I was always worried about things getting ruined. So - I converted a little mud room that we never use into my studio space. It is very nice because I am still able to see most of the house from where I sit, so I can keep an eye on the little ones. I like to be able to be in the main part of the house, where I am really needed, and yet still have my own space.
The cost of this project - $0. That is my favorite amout to spend. The desk with drawers was given to me by a neighbor and the tall tupperware drawer tower was being thrown out at my work. I cleaned them up a bit and arranged them, filled them up with resin, paint, reference photos, brushes, beads and etc. I love my new little space, it is just mine and I think that it is very cute. Bonus : there is a lock on the door that the kids can't open.


  1. I just posted my ship/work area and my dog too!! LOL

    Cute pup:)

  2. Too funny :) Great minds think alike.

  3. oh so cool! i love to see the studios and workspaces of artistic folks :) sounds like you have a very nice thing going on here!

  4. We creative types have to carve out space wherever we can find it. Glad you found a a special nook and claimed it!