Monday, September 21, 2009

Bagel Creations

Bagel Creations is the home of the Chico Cozy ™. The Chico Cozy ™ is named after the city in which it is made. Chico, CA is a great place to live with a great sense of community and a deep appreciation for the environment. Chico Cozies ™ are made from high quality fabrics and lined with insulbright. An elastic loop and button make them adjustable so that they fit nearly any disposable cup. Perfect for wrapping around hot or cold drinks, a Chico Cozy ™ is the perfect way to cozy up your world! Find more info at

In her own words, the owner of Bagel Creations describes herself:

'I'm a Philly girl transplanted to northern California. I've really grown to love living in our small town. I'm a stay at home mom with two wonderful boys. They inspire me everyday!I've always been creative & crafty. Right now I love sewing. I'm mostly self-taught and a bit of a perfectionist. If I don't love an item myself, you won't find it here. I do tend to get involved in other craft projects, too. You never know what might find its way into my shop! Thanks for stopping by!I've had a few inquiries about my shop name... I acquired my nickname "Bagel" from my friend's husband. After repeated attempts at trying to pronounce my maiden name, I finally told him it rhymes with bagel... since then I've become "Bagel". I've had a few people wonder how I can be comfortable with being associated with a starchy carbohydrate. To me it's endearing and only makes me think of my good friends. Besides, I love bagels!'

You can also find her here:

I like the following from her shop:
I would love to carry this around on halloween, although I would need several.

I've always loved wristlets, I've never owned one.

Ah - fall, my favorite time of year.

These are my favorite colors, however when I went back to her shop to add the link - it was gone. It must have sold. It is linked with another one of my favorite cozies.

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