Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belly Dancing

Yesterday I talked to my sister in law, and she asked me where to take belly dancing lessons. I was reminded of how much I LOVE belly dancing. I love the music, I love the costumes and the drama, I love it all.

I took belly dance lessons for a while, but then life got caught up with me :( I am thinking of taking lessons again, or at least buying a video or something. It's just fun, and it is something to do just for me, which is something that we all need.

My favorite kind of belly dance is tribal belly dance. It is difficult to describe, but it is very earthy and sensuous. This is Zoe Jakes dancing to 'Intertwine' by Beats Antique. She is an amazing dancer, very unique.


  1. Fun...I've always wanted to take belly dancing myself, I just never got the gumption to give it a try

  2. Wow! What a work out! That has to be fun and great exercise to boot!


  3. Following you. I thought I was already :-)

  4. Great performance! I took a belly dancing class, but it was very different from Zoe's style -- which looks so modern. At times, she almost seems to be pop-and-locking.

    Now that I'm pregnant, I wish I had kept up going to classes (they were a little too pricey to keep going) -- but belly dancing is supposed to be very good for pregnant women to open their hips and get ready for labor.

  5. I can guarantee that no one wants to see my belly! LOL A friend of mine took lessons for awhile. She had great fun and said it's a lot harder to do then it looks.

  6. It is supposed to be very good for pregnant women. It is harder than it looks, and it looks pretty hard :)

  7. Hi..I'm hopping on over from the Etsy forum blog post..as a Rhiannon who bellydances I couldn't resist !
    Love the video - as someone said it did almost look like fusion with a body popping style ( wasn't sure what to call it , but seems about right). She has a really original style !

    And great commment too.." It is harder than it looks , and it looks pretty hard" ....but it does get easier the more you dance :)

    A friend of mine swears by the belly dance tutorials on YouTube.