Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am planning a series of five elemental beings (fire, water, earth, air and spirit). This is obviously fire. I am naming her Adena, which means fire. I wanted to call this painting "She's Hot," but my husband talked me out of it. He said that he thinks that it makes the painting sound silly.

The second will be a man of the earth named Enki, meaning 'lord of the earth.' I am going to have my hubby pose with his hand on the ground and I will paint roots coming out of it.
The third will be Haizea, meaning 'wind'. I think that I will do a super close up of the side of my daughter's face with her hand out, blowing leaves and flowers off of it.
The fourth will be Naida, meaning 'water nymph' and that is exactly what she will be. A mermaid on a rock in the moonlight, or maybe underwater holding a glowing orb. I am not sure.
The fifth will be spirit, and I will name it Zo, which means 'spiritual leader'. I think that this one will be an androgynous human figure in the star pose, like DaVinci's painting. Only, it will be multi colored and very sparky, like fireworks.
The paintings will then be sold as a set of five. I am planning on having this done withing two weeks.

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  1. I really like the energy in this piece. Good stuff.