Monday, September 28, 2009

Emin Taos

Emin Taos is a lovely shop on etsy with very unique jewelry. In her own words Emily describes her shop and herself:
(EM)ily IN TAOS....the lovely high mountainous desert of Northen New Mexico. It's truly enchanting and the perfect inspiration for creating artful, meaningful, and I daresay fashionable jewelry.
I am a wife and mother of one, living on the mesa and am inspired by the beauty of the rich landscape here. The wide open skies and endless vistas evoke the artist within all of us 'Taosenos'. Combining my love of design and romance, I have created the line ‘EminTaos’. I have a 18 year back-ground in floral and event production design (an ex-zookeeper as well) and have decided to put my skills to good use in the world of jewelry. I pair semi-precious stones, raw drilled rocks, chandelier and swarovski crystals with silver, vermeil, and gold-fill to create timeless and romantic pieces sure to put a smile on the face of the wearer and the beholder. Elegant, colorful and fun, these quality pieces are versatile, affordable, and very often one of a kind. My motto is “because I deserve it!”, and every piece is made with that in mind. So go ahead, you deserve it!

I love the colors in this one:

I would wear this one everyday. I love the simplicity of it:

This one took my breath away. It is so lovely, a real traffic stopper:


  1. The leaf is beautiful! I love it!

  2. Beautiful items and they seem to match the colorful background of their creator! Thanks for introducing us to Emily's jewelry.

  3. Oh, I love the rock pendant!! That would go with everything I own! Thanks so much for showcasing her things.

  4. I'm so very flattered....thank you!

  5. i love that leaf necklace. Very beautiful work