Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Trip to Fort Wetheral

As our send off to summer, our family went to Fort Wetheral for a picnic and some exploring. I have to tell you, it is obvious to me why there are so many stories about this place being haunted, it is CREEPY. One of the legends about this place is that there are black hell dogs with red eyes that patrol the grounds. If you see one, then within three days you will die. I look for one everytime we go (hee hee) but I've never seen one.

Clayton, the big guy on the left is a huge war history buff. He was telling us all about the weapons the soldiers used and what they ate, where they slept and on and on. He really enjoyed himself.
The kids and I went for a walk to go 'fairy hunting'. The little ones really like that game. We pretend that there are bad guys after us and we have to use our magic powers to defeat them. We have to track fairies using 'signs'. It's a lot of fun.

Wesley's favorite part of the entire trip was a big hill that he could roll down over and over. Beanie showed him how to do it at first and then he was giggling so hard the whole way down.
If you are in RI in the summer I highly reccommend Fort Wetheral for a picnic and some fairy hunting.


  1. I love old forts! Just imagine what it was really like back in the day! Creepy is right!

  2. Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm totally up for some fairy hunting! I used to do that on my own in our backyard when I was a kid =) I love old, spooky buildings - I love anything mystical and supernatural, to be honest!