Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grace Hester Designs

Very cute stuff here! Grace Hester Designs is a shop that sells wonderful prints for all purposes. There is something for everyone.
Grace is originally from Singapore, now living in the US. She enjoys designing and creating products for the busy moms who appreciate modern and personalized products. Most of her designs are silhouette- or typography-based, she gravitates toward simple and fuss-free aesthetics. She has been an Etsy shopper since 2008, Etsy seller since late-May 2009. She has 2 young daughters, a one-year-old, and a four-year-old who are often “featured” in her banners. They are the inspiration for all of the items in the store – and also the distraction most of the time. But that’s the life she loves. Her prints are printed on high-gloss and resin-coated photographic paper that allows the colors to show beautifully. The prints are smudge- and water-resistant and of archival-quality so they are perfect for keepsake prints meant to be treasured through the years. For all other artwork, she tries as much as possible to use archival-quality materials and will note if she was not able to do so in the listing.