Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mendhi Style ACEOs

I enjoy mendhi, I think that it is lovely. I want to learn to do it on skin. I ordered Henna powder and while I wait for it to be ready (I didn't realize that it took about 24 hours to prepare) I decided to practice on some little canvas papers that I bought for the purpose of creating ACEOs. I wanted to get used to the feel of the applicator, so I used one - just for the purpose of experimenting - with acrylic paint in it. These are the designs that I created.

This one is salam - Arabic for peace.

This one is peace and love in arabic.

This is just a funky design that I wanted to do, just for fun and practice.

This one is my favorite, and it means love in Arabic.

I will be selling them as ACEOs in my store, although so far I only have one listed. I think that it would be nice to sell them as a set.

I will soon be experimenting on my own hand, a close friend's hand and maybe my mom. I'll have pictures - if it doesn't come out awful.


  1. Cool!

    I didn't realize you had to wait 24 hours either. I have seen booths set up at outdoor shows where they do temporary tatoos this way. I considered ordering some henna and giving it a whirl. Considered it :-)

    Have a grat day! Hope you'll stop by and enter my new giveaway!

  2. Those are great aceos! Im bummed about the daily tarot reading!

  3. Wow - very awesome job. I can't wait to see how it looks on skin :)