Friday, September 11, 2009

My Latest Work ... A Little out of Character

I have never done a piece like this one before. It is a little cartoonish, which is very unlike me. Perhaps it is Mercury Retrograde that is messing with my mind. I don't know, but I won't say that I don't like it. I actually like this piece quite a bit because it's different.

This is another whimsical moment I had. It is a resin photo pendant. I love the little trees and the adorable little birdie.

Then I did yet another swirly tree. I know, yes too many swirly trees. BUT - this one has a redish background, so I did change it up. Besides, my other three swirly tree paintings sold in the last few weeks, so I had to replace them. This is on a fairly large canvas. It is around 18" x 24".


  1. I love the swirly tree! I must check out your others! I'm now a follower. check out my blog at:

  2. and good luck with your one-painting-a-day challenge! very ambitious!

  3. I love the fairy, you are very talented :)

  4. I very much enjoyed looking at your Red Trees, and you can NEVER do to many trees!!!!