Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nature Photographer

In one of my lives (an assignment I did for The Artist's Way: I was a nature photographer for the National Geographic. Now, these are certainly not that quality, but they are photos of nature.
The dog and I went for a nice quiet walk and I found some interesting things to photograph.
These vines wrapped around everything in their path, telephone wires, trees and this fence that stretches the entire length of the path, which I've been told is over 80 miles long.

There were flowers and bees everywhere. These daisies were in full bloom and they were everywhere. It was tempting to pick them, but I didn't.

While we were walking, the dog found a path that went off the main path and into a field. This is some grass that was in the field. There was a huge patch of this long brown grass right in the middle of the field, and then there was a clearing of short green grass.

The clouds formed this whispy pattern. It looked like hair. It was a very beautiful day.

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