Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Night Out.

Check out my You Tube video of these dancers:

My husband Eric and I don't get many nights out. of fact we have only been out once in three years. As a matter, this past saturday night was only the second night that we went out in three years. We went to Pearl Restaurant and Lounge in Providence. The food was incredible, the music was great and they had an awesome show for everyone.

The dancers in this video call themselve J.A.T. and they were amazing.Truly entertaining, very positive, super high energy and very, very hot. Every girl in the place stopped to watch them. There was a bachelorette party there and the bride got on stage with them. She was adorable. It was a great time.

We probably won't go out again for a while, but when we go out again I know where we'll be going.

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