Friday, September 4, 2009

Stolen Time

Stolen Time is a very cute shop with whimsical little that has many adorable hand made items. I especially like the ones below. In her own words the owner describes herself and her shop.

"I'm a stay-at-home to two busy kidlets. I knit, sew, craft in whatever time I steal during naps and after bed.I am self-taught with assistance. My grandmother taught me how to cast on and knit. My husband helped me figure out how to purl. 5 years and lots of practice later, I'm up to a little more than co, k and p. As for sewing, I have the worldwide web and my sister-in-law to thank for whatever skills I've picked up so far. And of course, a husband who is, as always, very good at the technical stuff.The Custom China Clocks featured in my shop are the result of a wedding gift for a friend that was and is well loved. After making several more for other friends and friends of friends, I decided to make a go of it.Everything I do is quality assurance tested for lovability and huggableness and/or aesthetic value by my two expert testers. They take their responsibilities very seriously and are proud of the work they do."

My daughter said that this puppy is adorable! I agree.

Very pretty, and useful for those of us with little artists at home.

This looks so soft, and it comes with a little baby blankie.

There is something about this little kitty head, I love his big personality.

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