Thursday, October 8, 2009


I started doing ACEOs just a few weeks ago. Before then I had never even heard of them. I have to say, I LOVE painting them, I love looking at them, I just love them. Below are the ones that I have done so far. They are so much fun.

What is an ACEO? ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. The trend was started by an artist on Ebay about two years ago, and has now become a movement. ACEOs are tiny collectible pieces of art, like a baseball card of the art world. An ACEO is always . That is the size of a standard sports trading card. The only rule about an ACEO is that it must always measure two and one-half inches by three and one-half inches in size. This is the ONLY rule, ACEOs can be made from any material and be any subject. ACEOs can be matted and framed to hang on the wall, or stored in an album just like the kind that a sports card collectors uses. They are very fun to collect and trade.


  1. You love painting them, you love looking at them...I hope you'll soon love SELLING them! I am a collector, always looking for a new artist to add!

  2. Awesome wiregems! Yeah - I don't think I'd mind selling them either :)