Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bijoux Designs for You

Bijoux Designs for You

Bijoux Designs for You is a mother daughter team of etsy sellers. My mom and I are thinking of doing this, I think that it is wonderful. There is no bond stronger than the one between mom and daughter. In their own words they describe themselves and their shop:

We are a mother/daughter team who share the love of creating! Creating has been in my blood forever. First was sewing clothes for my kids when they were little and decorating the house. Then followed the art of quilting. I love the therapeutic nature of the hand quilting stitch and being snuggled into my finished creation.Then came painting on any surface that didn't move.Our final stop has landed with the wealth of beautiful beads and stones that are available; interpreting them into fun or delicate and unique creations to accent your wardrobe.So with a lifetime of Mom's STUFF all through the house, it is no wonder that my daughter has picked up the bug (and I'm glad I passed on the fever)I'll just leave that little dust bunny in the corner for now so I can go create. You can visit our blog at

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