Friday, October 16, 2009

Now Offering Custom Portraits

About eight years ago I started Giggle Goddess (then called Rhiannon's Daydreams) by doing custom pencil portraits. It was fun, I did pretty well for a while and then I decided that I wanted to do fantasy portraits and different kind of artwork. I haven't done custom portraits in quite a few years.

The above was a portrait of my neighbors done in pencil and the painting beneath is my daughter and although it isn't done yet, I wanted to put it on my blog to announce that I will be offering custom portraits again.

The above is a 'Touch of Color' portrait which is basically a black and white painting with a little bit of color just where you want it. This is a 5"x5" and is on sale in my shop for only $35.00. The canvas is gallery wrapped (meaning it's thick) so it doesn't require framing. It can be hung on your wall as is. If you have more than one child I think this size is nice because it can be hung anywhere. That is the nice thing about the black and white, you don't have to worry about matching it to your furniture.
I will be offering colored custom paintings as well in many different sizes, right now I only have two sizes in my store but the other sizes will be up there soon. If there is a size you'd like, don';t hesitate to ask.
I will be offering the following:
Black and white portraits in pencil.
'Touch of Color' portraits.
Color pencil portraits.
Painted portraits.
They will come in any standard size.
If you'd like to order a custom portrait, be aware that with my current workload I need about three weeks in order to complete a painting, but this time may increase as my workload increases, so please plan accordingly.


  1. These are wonderful and your daughter is beautiful!

    The pricing is great on these too!

  2. These are great - you are extremely talented!