Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organizing and Redecorating my Studio

Ummm..... I have a tendency to mess things up a little as I'm getting organized. My studio is pretty tiny and I was getting to the point where I couldn't find anything that I needed so I decided that it needed to be completely reorganized.
I didn't think this would be a big deal - I mean how messy could such a teeny room get. Well apparently, pretty messy. So, I did what I usually do while reorganizing - I got about half way done and then I started looking at old pictures and reminiscing for two hours and then I went to bed.

I have a long day of throwing things away, moving things and hanging art on the walls. For such a small space, this studio has A LOT in it. Somehow I managed to pack it all in very tightly.
By tomorrow I will be posting pictures of a clean and beautiful studio - hopefully.


  1. Good luck with your organizing! I know I've got to clean up my work room, too. I love purging old, unnecessary stuff.