Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Scituate Art Festival

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First, let me just say that Scituate is a beautiful little town, especially at this time of year. The fall has changed the leaves on the hundreds of trees near the reservoir and it is so pretty that I had to take photos of it for a possible future painting.
I took my baby sitter/friend with me and away we went. We only got lost once ;) It actually really wasn't that bad of a drive and we knew there would be traffic, this is one of the biggest festivals in the country.
If I had brought $10,000 I could have easily spent it there. The art was beautiful, the jewelry, clothing, glass work, bath and body stuff, stuffed animals, music - it was all beautiful. There was a lot to take in, the crowds were enormous and there were so many vendors.
Next year, I WILL be a vendor there, it is a goal.

This is the entrance to the festival, there were thousands of people, it is almost overwhelming.

I adore this person's glass work. The little pumpkins are just adorable.

Selene tried some killer bee honey and it was definitely different from regular honey. It was super thick and a little bitter.

Driving home we got a little lost - of course. For some reason whenever Shannon is in my car, I get lost.

There was a lot of walking - I guess Beanie's little legs couldn't take it.

Awesome festival - I highly recommend if you are in the RI area for Columbus Day weekend next year that you stop by and see it. I'll be there - as a vendor this time.

Just as a side note - when I dropped off Shannon I went to pick up Clay and this song came on that I'd never heard before and I must say - it's a new favorite for sure. Something about it reminds me of being really little.


  1. Your festival looks like it was an overwhelming success. So nice when people support their local artists & craftpeople!

  2. great post... looks like you guys had fun and thats what its all about