Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Outdoor Time

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Over the weekend my parents, husband, the kids and I went to our cousins to go hiking. Right across the street from my cousin's house was a long and beautiful trail. I love places that are alone and quiet. It was beautiful weather for the season and we only came across one jogger. There is a pretty big lake that we walked to and the little rock cliffs fascinated the kids (especially the littlest one).

Even the trees here are happier.
I'm glad my dad was with us, he doesn't get much time off, so he really deserves to relax when he does. Although, we hiked for three miles - so he probably didn't rest much.

The kids loved being with their cousins, we haven't seen them since we went to Florida at the same time last March.

Selene fell in love with their German Shepherd Hanna, who amazed me because she never once left the yard (no electric fence) and not once did she chase the chickens that my cousins keep. I would never even allow my dog the chance to prove to me that he would stay in the yard without a leash, but we live in a different kind of environment.

After our hike we came home and my husband's bff (he'd kill me if he knew I called him that) came over and helped him clean up the yard, and then the kids jumped in the HUGE piles of leaves. We have a decent sized yard and tons of trees so ... This isn't even the first time we raked.

It was a great weekend, we really spent a lot of time together outside in the unseasonably warm weather and it felt so good. I love to see my children playing outside and having so much fun.

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  1. That looks like so much fun :) I remember jumping into the piles of leaves my mom would rake up. She must have been a patient woman - I would have been yelling :)