Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Giveaway - Only Three Days Left!!

This is a short month for me. My whole family was sick, so I got a very late start. However, here is the giveaway for the month of November:

Two high quality 8"x10" prints with white matting, ready to frame. They are both very pretty and will make an awesome addition to any art collection. I sell these for $15.00 each - so that's a $30 giveaway.

You can enter as many times as you like, each entry will count as one, so obviously the more times you enter, the better your chances of winning.

Each action below counts as an entry. As you can see there are quite a few. The only thing that I ask is, when you complete one of the below actions, you come back here and comment on this post and tell me what you did. It is just so much easier to keep track that way.

*Follow me on Twitter.

*Heart Giggle Goddess Creations.

*Heart Daily Paint.

*Be a fan on facebook.

*Email me at to sign up for my monthly newsletter.

*Follow this blog.

*Participate in the Creative Everyday Challenge.

*Check out either one of my shops Daily Paint or Giggle Goddess Creations and post a comment on which item is your favorite.

*Post a comment with a great idea for etsy sellers. It can be a link to an article, a photo you saw on flickr, or just a little tip you learned through experience. It doesn't matter what the source is, as long as it is helpful.

*Put a link to either of my shops on your blog, website or etsy store. One entry for each.

*Post a comment with a cheap and easy DIY home decorating tip. As above, the source doesn't matter.

*Post a comment with a great packaging idea or tip for etsy sellers. As above, source doesn't matter.

*Having an etsy holiday? Post a comment about something that you bought recently from an etsy seller. A link to a photo is even better.

Well, there it is - many different ways to enter. Please remember, when you do one of the above, please comment on THIS post so I can keep track.

Here is yesterday's painting of the day (video is not the best quality I am aware, it is my first attempt at a video like this one):

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  1. I just followed you on Twitter! I love that second print. :)