Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wanting to Get Back to My Old Ways

I haven't painted since December 10th. My soul just screamed a little bit. That is the longest that I have gone without painting in years. I must get back into the routine of painting everyday. I truly love it, and I miss it terribly. I know that there isn't an excuse, but, I've been so incredibly busy this holiday season with so many things. I want to create new work that dazzles and amazes, that captures the imagination. I guess the bottom line is that I want to create new work that is different and exciting and that also is the best that I can offer. I think that in order to do this I may have to let go of the idea of creating a painting everyday. I like doing this, and it certainly produces a lot of paintings, but I have to wonder how much more I could offer in each painting. The painting a day exercise has been the greatest teacher that I have ever had, I have learned more than any book could ever teach me. I wonder if I should continue, or start really taking my time with my paintings, and producing less, but more detailed work.
It's not really about the quantity with either approach. It is more about the learning process. I don't know, I really have to mull it over and figure out which is more beneficial right now. There are many others who create a painting a day, and their work is fabulous. Somehow they manage to paint realistic and just plain beautiful paintings. One of my favorites is Abbey Ryan. Her art is so simple and beautiful, I love it. From what I've seen she paints a lot of foods, some of them unusual. You should check out her blog here:
I have been doing a lot of glass and resin pendants and magnets. They have sold quite well this holiday season and of course, take a fraction of the time a painting takes. Here are my newest pendants and magnets:

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  1. Your work is beautiful! Happy New Year and lots of success in 2010!