Monday, August 31, 2009

Flying Frog Apparel

Owner of the adorable shop "Flying Frog Apparrel," says: "In Between Staying home and raising two little girls, I fill my soul by creating fun clothes and accessories using images from my imagination and the world around me. Each piece of unique wearable art is created one at a time using everything from recycled home fabrics to contemporary prints. I carefully pair up fabrics, trims and appliques with printed images and custom stitching to ensure each item is one of a kind. Art and fashion truely come together seamlessly in unexpected yet cohesive pairings of patterns, colors and images! Enjoy!Follow me:**twitter:*Facebook: seen on:***"

Look at the adorable little lizard - how cute!

This is my favorite. My little boy would look so cute in this.

So bright and colorful!

The giraffe is another one of my favorite! This little girl is a perfect little model.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Teeny Studio.

The pictures below were taken of quite possibly the smallest studio in existence. For a very long time, I painted at the kitchen table or in a small room in my dungeon like basement. My stuff was always everywhere and because I have three kids I was always worried about things getting ruined. So - I converted a little mud room that we never use into my studio space. It is very nice because I am still able to see most of the house from where I sit, so I can keep an eye on the little ones. I like to be able to be in the main part of the house, where I am really needed, and yet still have my own space.
The cost of this project - $0. That is my favorite amout to spend. The desk with drawers was given to me by a neighbor and the tall tupperware drawer tower was being thrown out at my work. I cleaned them up a bit and arranged them, filled them up with resin, paint, reference photos, brushes, beads and etc. I love my new little space, it is just mine and I think that it is very cute. Bonus : there is a lock on the door that the kids can't open.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Dog is SO Patient

Look how pretty he is!
I want to blog mostly about my experiences and experiments with my daily painting - but I had to take some time to thank my dog Kipper. Not only did he sit still (even though he wasn't too happy) while my daughter dressed him in a sequin dress, but he also smiled at the camera when I took a picture. I have to say - he really is the most patient dog I've ever met.
He wasn't even embarrassed when we called him pretty. He wore this outfit for two hours - even when we went outside and my neighbors laughed at him. He actually is a perfect dog to dress up - he really couldn't care less that he has clothes on. Too bad he's a boy :(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Five Lives

I am reading a wonderful book called, "The Artist's Way," by Julia Cameron. If you haven't read it then I highly recommend it. Basically the book helps you to become more creative and isn't limited to visual artists. It is for everyone who wants to add a little more creativity to their lives. Each week there are exercises that are meant to open you up and help you find more creativity. I'm on the first week of exercises now. This exercise I thought was particularly interesting so I wanted to share it in this post.
I am asked to choose five lives that I would like to live besides this one. What would I do in those lives? Then I need to choose one thing, and actually do it this week. I think this is so much fun, because there is SO much that I want to do.
My first life is a beautiful, sexy and mysterious belly dancer. I am of middle eastern descent, but I now live in California. I have a slight accent, and I dance so well that I give my audience chills when they watch me. I don't have children yet, although I am very young. Someday, maybe.

My second life - I'd love to be a nature photographer. I would travel around the world and take photos of various wild life for National Geographic. I am well known and I love every minute of this job. I am married to a wonderfully kind and gentle man. We have four children. They often travel with me and get to see wonderful places and meet fascinating people. My husband and I home school them, but the still have plenty of friends. We have friends all over the world.

My third life I would be a fabulous author, living in N.Y.C. I would write everyday and do yoga with my girl friends. I would take walks in Central Park with my two wonderful giant mixed breed dogs everyday. I would have coffee in quaint little coffee shops with my friends. I am not attached to anyone and I have no children. There is one guy that I really have my eye on. There is definitely an attraction there and the tension is just incredible. I love it! I live in a very big apartment with an open floor plan and a loft. I go on meditation retreats and I live life in the moment.

My forth life I am an interior designer and decorator. I have my own very popular t.v. show giving do-it-yourselfers tons of tips on how to decorate on a tight budget. I am a very happy go lucky person in this life. Nothing bothers me and I am almost never serious. My job is so much fun, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like play. Famous people ask me to help them with their homes all the time. I am very busy, yet I feel no stress at all. I am excited when I wake up in the morning and I am relaxed when I go to bed. I am a newly wed, married to the nicest guy you'd ever meet, and I just found out I am pregnant with twins!

My fifth life I am a clothing designer and seamstress. I am just starting to get noticed. I sew adorable children's clothing. I sell on etsy (hee hee) and quite a few other venues. I just quit my job as a secretary to do this full time. I now have consignment deals and I just got featured in a popular woman's magazine. Angelina Jolie just bought a bunch of my clothes for her children. It's so exciting! I recently bought a house by myself - that is how well I am doing. My two huge dogs even have their own room and their own queen size bed. I am not married, and never have been but I just started dating a really good looking and very sweet guy I met at my best friend's house. I live in a state of constant wonder, I am always told I have wisdom beyond my years.

Those are my lives. I didn't even notice until the last life that they all have something in common - they are all creative careers and life styles. Now I am supposed to choose one thing that I can do this week - and do it.
I think that the one that would be the most realistic for me to do would be the nature photographer. I can't travel around the world, but I can certainly take photos of nature. I think that is what I will do. I will let you know how that turns out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Blog!

Unfortunately, my old blog, Rhiannon's Daydreams is having some technical issues that after four hours of fiddling, I still couldn't fix.
I have always wanted to keep a journal of my art, both the process and what I have learned. The fact that my other blog appears to be broken in every way is the push that I needed to get this blog, My Daily Painting Journal, started.
So, let's now waste any time. Here is the painting I am working on right now. As you can see, it's not quite finished.
In the background I used crackle paint. I like the effects that it gives. It makes for a nice texture. The flower has a few problems that need correcting though. The paint stained some of the yellow petals underneath and it is difficult to cover. I just keep applying layers of paint and the brownish paint underneath is getting lighter and lighter.
I like the way that the flower seems to pop out and how bright the colors are. I really don't like the center of the flower, that needs some work. The edges of some of the petals are very dark, but when I add the shadow to the flower, it will make more sense.
What I learned about painting from this piece. Well although it isn't done I have learned several things that I will do differently from now on. Next time I am going to be painting a background like this I will use frisket film to mask the entire area so I don't get those hard to cover patches of paint. I also think that I will choose a better photo to work with. Some of the areas in this photo are obscure and that makes it difficult to paint. I also think that when I am done with the background, I will use the 'other side' of the frisket film to cover the background so that my edges are very crisp and clean.