Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Movie and a VERY Funny Guy

I went to the movies with my daughter the other day to see Chipmunks the Squeekquel (it was very cute btw) and a movie trailer came on that I am so excited about! The Karate Kid! Yes - The Karate Kid! When I was a kid I must have watched that movie 300 times. So my oldest son and I are going "on a date" to go see it. I can't wait! Here is the trailer - it looks SO good.

I also went to my parents house and my dad begged me to watch this comedian named Mitch Hedburg - he is SO funny. I love his sense of humor.

Some new stuff I just finished:


  1. The comedian is pretty funny - but I wonder what he was on :)
    LOVE your new items!! I think the key chain is my favorite!

  2. the ring, and sunflower very lovely!
    Haven't seen the Chipmunks yet, Karate Kid?? I didn't know. My 2 boys would love it!
    thanks for sharing and keep up the pretty work!