Wednesday, March 24, 2010

60 Minute Painting #5

This one - for some reason I got really into. I love pears - maybe that is why.
I went across the street to the market and bought the prettiest piece of fruit I could find. I also wanted something that later on, I would enjoy eating - so the pear seemed like a good choice. I put it in my window and took a photo of it.

I sketched it out. One of the things I have learned is that sketching things with pencil causes a headache. The graphite smudges and gets into the paint and alters the color - no fun. So I now only sketch paintings in paint.

I blocked in all the colors with acrylic paint. The canvas is super absorbent, the paint dries quickly, and with that combination - the paint is drying so quickly that I don't have time to move it around really. Especially because I am outside. I put a glob of acrylic paint on the palette and in less than three minutes - it is all dried up. I figure out pretty quickly that the acrylics aren't working for me today - so I bring out my favorite - my oils. I use Holbein Duo Water soluble Aqua oils, which some would say aren't really oils - because they are water soluble. Anyone who feels this way - I challenge you to use them. Just once and you will fall in love. They handle just like regular oils - they even come with linseed oil medium (I have no idea how they made that water soluble). The best part though - is the clean up. A short time at the sink - all clean. No smell either. I LOVE them.

Anyway - I finish the painting with those, and this time I go over the 60 minute mark - without even realizing it. So this is more like a 75 minute painting.

I was on a role - so immediately upon finishing this one, I grabbed a painting that I started a while ago, but never finished. Here is the beginning phase of this pretty flower.
The dark background is done in oil - while the chalky white petals are in acrylic - the difference is really noticeable. The oils are richer and deeper in color. The acrylics are very matte and really too light - no matter what I do.

So I finished it up with the oils again. I am really learning to be brave. I don't know if you can see the big strokes and how thick the paint is in some areas - but I never paint like this. I usually work so hard to get the strokes out. No, looking at it, the big strokes and thick paint are nice - they create texture. Obviously not all paintings would benefit from this kind of brushwork, but this one seems to.

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