Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hour Painting #3

Today I really decided to challenge myself. I wanted to play with color. I don't know if it is apparent in this painting to others - but I attempted to use the same colors through out the painting to see if I could really tie the painting together. So, the sky has some of the green of her tail and the brownish color of the sand. Her skin has some of the blue of the sky in it and even some green.
I just wanted to see waht would happen it I added a teeny bit of all of the colors in the painting into every part of the painting. Sometimes just a little dab made it blend in and fit perfectly.

First 20 minutes, the basic shapes and blocks of color are complete.

Another 20 minutes and I have given some definition to the clouds and some shadows and depth to the painting.
I really focused on defining the face and tail in the last 20 minutes. I also added a hint of waves coming in.

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  1. Such beautiful paintings! You are so talented! Thx for stopping by my blog and good luck in the contest! -ashley