Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hour Painting #4 and Givaway

As if I don't have enough challenges in my life, I decided to really challenge myself with yesterday's daily painting. It was a nice day, so I took Wesley outside along with my paints and an 8X10" canvas.

Step one, the outline. I did a basic quick sketch of the farm and surrounding land. I think that the landscape has a lot of blue, so I decided to do the lines in blue.

Step 2: Got in the very basic colors, the further back in the distance the more blue. Only the very closest hill has some touches of yellow.

Step 3: Added some more details in the roof - blue because it is reflecting the sky. Added some little bushes, coming along.

Step 4: Darkened and lightened the areas that needed it, put some rows in the field, and some texture in the garden area.

A little more detail, some color adjustments and voila!

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