Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the Yard with Wesley

Right now it is raining, but last Friday, while the others were away at school and such, Wesley and I played in the yard, just the two of us.

We dug for worms, found tons of acorns, rocks and "dirt clumpies" that were fun to break apart, but no worms yet. Wesley didn't seem to mind, he had a spoon and an old giant ice cream tub, so he was happy.

He asked me if I could "make a triangle" which I knew meant, "Can you spin me on the swing?" Everytime he finished spinning, he'd say, "Do it again - one more time!"

He's very vain, he loves the camera and will ask me to take his picture so that he can look at himself.
Then we went flower hunting, which was not really a challenge, my yard is covered in crocus flowers right now, so we found some and had to take photos of them, maybe for mama's next painting.
I like this one - accept for the wires in the bback. So don't be surprized if you see it as a painting in my shop soon.

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  1. So much fun to play outside! Enjoy spring! I don't have any flowers yet-a little too soon!