Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photos of the Flood in RI

The malls as seen from above:

This is a home in Exeter - the backyard had a small stream running through it.

This is Greenwich Ave - right across the street from the mall.
This was a street - I don't know the city.

This was in the same neighborhood as the above photo.

This was an apartment complex.

National Guard vehicles were the only vehicles alowed on Greenwich ave near the malls.

This is the Pawtuxet River, flooded almost to the top of the bridge.

Another road in Exeter.

This is the mall parking lot, about a 5-10 minute walk from my house. I zoomed in - hoping to get a clear shot of the two cars still parked there. There was a security guard still stuck in the mall at this point - thankfully the National Guard was able to get him out.

This is The Cornerstone, my husband and I had a date there less than a month ago.

More photos of the cars in the parking lot at the mall.

This is NYLO, a brand new hotel down the street.

The most AMAZING thing I have ever seen in my entire life. The picture below is of Rt. 95 - the frickin' highway!!! A couple of my friends actually went down there and were laying in the middle of the highway - just to say they did it. CRAZY!!

This is my CRAZY Shannon on the highway - dancing.

The below is the street leading to the apartment complex.

More of the Rd. in Exeter.

This is another amazing photo - this is 295 right near the on ramp near exit 12. This is usually a dry valley/field.


  1. Good Heavens. I hope the water table has finally started going down for you guys!

  2. Now that is scarey!

    I am glad you are ok!

  3. Wow I didn't even know it was going on like that on the flip side of the USA. I hope all is well for your friends, family and community. My thoughts are with you guys!

  4. The water has receeded quite a bit - but a lot of folks still need help - FEMA is here - and I am hoping that everyone gets what they need really soon.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry!!! I hope the city is healed soon. In Rio there's the same problem - like today, the weather is incredibly stormy, so the city became a river. Here in Petropolis is s bit calmer.

    Sending positive vibes to your area...

    Kisses from us.