Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is today's "hour" painting. I was trying to teach myself to be more confident with the brush. Brush strokes can make or break a painting. I tend to really over do the brush strokes, over think them. I wanted to just do it - thick and bold and deliberate. I think so far, in the short two days that I have been doing these, they have taught me what the phases of my painting should look like. I took photos every 20 minutes of the hour to demonstrate my point.

Stage 1: Basically, at this point it looks like large shapes and blocks of color and that is exactly what it should look like. This is an ugly phase - no definition. I like to think of it as a map, this is just letting you know where to put everything else on top of it.

Stage 2: A little more definition. At this point I am building up some contrast in color and value. There are more darks and lights and more ranges in color, but there are really no details yet.

Stage 3. Because I only allow myself one hour to work, there really aren't many details, but what detail I was able to add, was added in the last few minutes. The little yellow specs were added at the very end. I have heard it said many times before, start with the bigger shapes and gradually get smaller until you finish with the tiniest details, but I never understood the way that I do now.
I find the teeny details to be the most fun and very often, my favorite part of a painting.
It has never been so apparant to me the building upon layers and gradually getting smaller and smaller. Second day of the one hour painting, lesson learned: start with the big blocks of shape and color and work your way down to the smaller details.


  1. I'm loving (and thankful) that you are posting your work in phases. It's so helpful because I'm a total visual doer type so thanks!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Tamara!! I'm going to be posting a speed painting video - hopefully tomorrow :)