Monday, April 19, 2010

"The Watcher" 60 Minute Painting Video

Another 60 minute exercise. Please give my video some love :) Visit my etsy Shop Daily Paint if you'd like to purchase this or other lovely paintings.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Lily of the Valley" 60 Minute Painting

This is my 60 minute painting from 4/18/10.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creating Depth Through Color

I am definitely going through an experimental phase in my life. I have a book called "Acrylic Revolution" and it's great because it really goes through a ton of different techniques to try. The one that I decided to try yesterday was creating depth through translucent color fields. I have never done this before - so at first I followed the book very closely.
I used a ton of medium to seal the canvas a little more.
These are the four colors I intend to use. I really like bright and vivid colors.

I started in the corners and worked my way to the middle - I didn't pick up more paint as I moved away from the corners - but picked up more medium instead. This created a (kind of) faded effect in the center.

Then I did the opposite corners the same way - only with orange, green and blue instead.

I got sick of using a large flat brush - the strokes were really visible and after working if for a long time - I decided to use one of my favorite tools - my handy dandy sea sponges.
So - using the same colors - I went over them a few times with the sponges.
I started off thinking of doing a little girl on a windy day next to a tree - but I have so many trees. I haven't done a fairy in a very long time - so I decided that I should do one - just for fun. Here is the basic sketch.
I wanted drama in this painting. I love me a good dramatic painting :) I created contrast between her pale warm skin and the deep, dark, intense blue of her dress and wings. Hee hee - this is fun!

For some reason I really like the way that her face looks - very scared - like a child. I added some hair and details of the face - still wanting to keep things warm and balance to contrast the clothing.
I am still not sure at this point who or what she is hiding from, bbut I felt that she was trying to hide in shadow - so I added a little more darkness for her cover. There are a few little subtle sparks of light around her - because she is a fairy and I believe that they carry a light with them.

This is the completed painting - my daughter named it.

"Hiding From Humans"
Original 8X10" Oil Painting

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Painting

The crazy painting below is a result of just wanting to try something very new for my and have fun with it. I love henna - and although this is inspired by mehndi - there are a lot of colors in this piece. I reached my goal of having fun - but I will tell you - getting smooth lines - was a little harder than I thought. As I am looking at it now - there are still some lines that look shaky and wavy. There is nothing I can do about it now - I have a rule I follow no matter what - once I sign a painting - that is it - I can't work on it at all anymore. I do that because otherwise I will just keep painting and not move on. At this point it has almost become a superstition for me - bad things will happen if I work on a painting after it has been signed.

"Henna Sun" Original Acrylic Painting, size 11X14" on canvas. $15.00 Click to buy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am always trying new things - just for fun. I tried to create some 3D effects in my painting. I wish I had better photos and I will take some - but for now ...
the background is very textured and really abstract. The leaves literally pop right off the page.
This is the beginning of a time of exploration for me. I really want to have fun with paint and learn as much as I can about how to use it effectively. So, if for a while my paintings look a little unlike me - that is a good thing - it is all part of my master plan for improvement. Like I said - I am letting go of beauty for a bit in pursuit of learning.
These "learning" paintings will be for sale at deep discounts in my etsy shop.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I like to think of myself as someone who likes to march to the beat of her own crazy, off-beat drummer, but after reading a brief article about trends, I do think it is a wise marketing move to at least pay attention to upcoming trends.
I found the following helpful sites:

Colour Lovers is a site that is extremely helpful in finding new trends in color. I have to say that I love the colors in this snapshot, and will definitely be visting their site often.

They even have a way that you can search the most loved and most viewed color palettes. This could be SO helpful when choosing colors for your next project.

I also found a site called I had a little bit of trouble figuring wout how to navigate this site - there is a lot going on. But once you do, it could be a great resource. You could discover trends like the below photo - which is supposedly going to become a new "thing". How you will apply this to your real life - I am not sure.

Another great and helpful site is called ThisNext
I looked up upcoming art trends ofcourse. Very interesting.

is also a great site - giving a list of the most popular tags.

I hope that these sites are useful for you. I know that they will be for me - I will be working a little harder to stay up to date with my art and jewelry.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My kids and I are in this video - we live about 5-10 minutes walking distance from here and we walked down to see it and were captured on film in this video.
It has been pure crazy 'round here.

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