Monday, June 14, 2010

Starfish Day 3 I Need More Time

Day 3 of project giant starfish went well, except one small problem (details below). This is the painting so far:

On the third day of this project I felt like Brody from Jaws. He said - "I think we need a bigger boat." I am saying "Uh ... I think I need more time." Each "step" is taking me about 3X longer than I thought. So, this is my new schedule:

6/11: Sketch it out

6/12: Block in sky and ocean

6/13: Block in Rock Shadows

6/15: Block in starfish

6/16: Details of water

6/17: Details of Water

6/18: Details of water

6/19: Details of Beach

6/20: Details of Beach

6/21: Details of rock shadows

6/22: Details of rock shadows

6/23: Details of rock shadows

6/24: Details of rocks

6/25: Details of rocks

6/26: Details of rocks

6/27: Details of rocks

6/28: Details of rocks

6/29: Details of rocks

6/30: Details of starfish

7/1: Details of starfish

7/2: Details of starfish

7/3: Details of clouds

7/4: Details of clouds

7/5: Details of clouds

7/14: Take it to get photographed

7/16: Take it to the Gallery

Keep you updated :)

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  1. Hi,

    It looks really promising.
    The composition and perspective look great.
    You better work those values correctly :-)

    Best regards.


  2. Yeah - I am working on it. That's the funnest part for me actually is the value contrast. I think it adds a lot of excitement. I know I'm excited.

  3. I envy your talent lady! Looks awesome.

  4. really neat composition!! great work.