Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Work Space!

I am so excited!!! I'm getting my own new studio space! Besides moving stuff out of my house, I'll finally be able to get away from home, hang up my art, and spread out a little. I'm still looking for a few good, creative people to share the space with. I've been looking all over hoping that I'll find the best combo of artists and crafters. Basically, I'd like this place to be filled with creative people who can help each other to network and find opportunities. The idea of it is to really help each other succeed, maybe have open studio nights and other events. We (as a group) would have to discuss the details of these events. All of it would really be up to the individual, if they don't want to or can't participate in certain things, that's fine. The space is a Colonial house, right on the water, right off Post Rd. I just feel that there are a lot of ways that artists can help each other out, and we should work together.